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Soapworks Factory

Skilled Makers Of Artisan Plant-Based Cold-Process Soap

At Soapworks Factory, we believe everyone deserves to pamper themselves with quality wholesome ingredients and soothing essential oils.  That's why our plant-based artisan cold-process soaps contain high-end oils, including copious amounts of olive oil, shea butter, and avocado oil.  Additionally, we incorporate coconut milk into each and every bar, pampering your skin with luxury.

Let your skin drink in the goodness that is our soap.

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It's like my skin gets to drink in all this nourishment in the shower.

Jane B.

Your soaps are the best thing that ever happened to my skin.  Thank you for truly caring about your product.  

Shannon R.

This soap is amazing.  I'll be getting some for my girlfriends!

Wendy T.