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Our Philosophy


If you are like we are, you value your "me" time and rejoice (perhaps even busting it out loud at times) in finding products that soothe your cares away as you pamper yourself.  And, we believe that adding beautifully-scented creamy bubbles is a wonderous bonus.  You also care about what you put on your skin and value true artisan products that are hand-crafted and natural. Wholesome. Gentle. Pure. You've come to the right place!  This is exactly what motivates us to lovingly handmake quality bath products that have such great benefits to your largest organ...your skin.

We work in the time-honored method of small-batch artisan soap making, watching over things with care, as we incorporate only the finest wholesome ingredients.  Base oils like olive oil, shea butter, avocado oil and cocoa butter are poured into our recipes and we don’t mean just a few drops, either.  Our luxury bars have over 60% of their base oils comprised of olive oil, shea butter and avocado oil.  And, we scent with ONLY plant-based wholesome essential oils across our entire line of handcrafted products.  No fake man-made fragrance oils for us!  We don’t skimp on the good stuff.  Pinkie promise.

Come see what spa items we offer, and treat yourself to a wonderfully calming experience, even if it's just you washing your hands.  You're going to love our natural wholesome products!

Gentle. Wholesome. Luxurious.