Our Philosophy


My name is Patricia and I am the owner and sole employee of Soapworks Factory.  It has been my mission to provide my customers with luxury products that are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and dyes.  As a horticulturist and Registered Landscape Architect, plants have been my career and when my skin became dry and itchy from over the counter products, I just knew that the plants I centered my career on would hold the answers to my skin issues. 

I opened this online business in 2020 and have spent years researching and testing my small-batch products.  Soapworks Factory has a loyal following and can even be found in other small business storefronts.

Come see what spa items we offer, and treat yourself to a wonderfully calming experience, even if it's just you washing your hands.  You're going to love our luxury products!

Gentle. Wholesome. Luxurious.