Our Soap Tips

Our artisan luxury cold-process soap is typical of all cold process soaps in terms of curing.  Our soaps are cured for 6 weeks at a minimum.  This is necessary to boost bar hardness and fully complete the curing process, which creates a creamy and bubbly bar.  If our inventory is running low, please consider a purchase as we cure the next batch of soaps.

Also typical with cold process soap, our luxury bars perform best and last longer when they are allowed to dry out between uses.  Please consider a drainable soap dish to keep your soap performing it's best.

Since our bars are handmade, no two bars will look the same.  Please know that there can be a great variance in appearance amongst our batch and from batch to batch, as we hand-stir each batch.  Each bar is unique.

We use only essential oils to scent each luxury bar.  Essential oils naturally dissipate over time, so we advise you to use your soap within 6 months of purchase so that you can enjoy the scent.  While the bar quality actually improves over time (more moisturizing, more bubbles), the essential oil tends to trail off.  Please keep this in mind.