A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life


Today, I'm making another batch of my newest product, Skin Rescue 911.  This researched, formulated and tested recipe took 17 tries before it was exactly what I wanted.  It starts as two sanitized and filled stainless steel bowls...one with distilled water and the water-soluble ingredients and one with the plant oils, plant botanicals, plant butters and additional things like esters and emulsifiers.  Both are brought up to a temperature high enough to melt the ingredients and then they are brought into this huge stainless steel bowl and mixed with a big emulsion blender.  Poof, the magic happens and everything is molecularly bound together.  And, it's so thick that the spatula sticks straight up in it :)  Once it cools, the preservative and essential oils are added and it is emulsion blended for the final time. It's ready to be hand-scooped into the jars, each of which are weighed for precise measurement.
handmade body butter for dry skin
The jars are filled (20 at a time!) and the product cools to room temperature before the sealing disks and lids are all hand-applied.
Yup, the labels are all hand-applied as well and then a tamper-resistant band is placed around the lid and jar and we are ready to put the inventory into the online website!
Tadaa!  Looking pretty and ready to go out to someone who could use a little help with their winter skin dryness!
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Very cool to see the process. I knew you did lots of formulation. Across those 17 times, about how many months did it take?

Shari H

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