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Women's Lemon & Lime Shave Soap

Women's Lemon & Lime Shave Soap

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Indulge in a luxurious shave with this Women's Lemon & Lime Shave Soap. Boasting decadent lather and tremendous razor glide, this soap offers an incomparable shave experience. Enriched with vitamin E to soothe irritations, this specially formulated soap revitalizes skin while providing superior moisture. Boasting a rejuvenating citrus scent, and packed with top-end oils and butters, this soap brings a touch of sophistication to your shaving routine.

How to use:  We recommend using a pouf to generate your lather, as shave soaps make tight bubbles and agitation over a pouf over the soap really does the trick beautifully.  Apply the lather to the area to be shaved and you are all set to go.

Net Weight: 2oz (56g).

Non-GMO, and no sulfates, silicones, parabens, or phthalates.

This fantastic shave soap contains: water, stearic acid, olive oil, castor oil, shea butter, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, palm oil, glycerin, lemon oil, potassium hydroxide, lime oil, coconut milk powder, sugar, cocoa butter, abyssinian oil, citric acid, sodium lactate, colloidal oatmeal, vitamin E, mica, tussah silk.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Becca B

This shave soap leaves your skin feeling wonderfuly smooth and, even better, it smells heavenly! This is definitely my Soap Works favorite!

Mary S

I just got this as a gift from my coworker and Iƒ??m loving it! Such great lather from my pouf and a wonderful shave. My skin feels great afterward and Iƒ??m never going back to shave cans!

Roberta M

Yay! Theyƒ??re on sale! I canƒ??t believe my luck :). I love these shave soaps. And, not only are they great for shaving, they are great to use the left over bubbles on the rest of my body. Win-win! My skin never felt this good with shave creams or gels.


No more cans of shave gel for this girl. Nope. After trying this amazingly scented shave bar, I am a true believer in your products. You were right, a pouf is the way to go and the foam I got was perfect. No nicks, Smooth shave. And, my skin feels amazing afterwards. You know your stuff, girl!