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Artisan Orange & Grapefruit Solid Block Dish Soap

Artisan Orange & Grapefruit Solid Block Dish Soap

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This HUGE 13oz artisan solid block dish soap is a wonderfully eco-friendly way to power through hand-washing your dishes, pots and pans.  It generates serious bubbles on your dish pad, scrubber or wash cloth and has amazing cleaning power, effectively and efficiently removing grease and food stains.  And, it helps to promote zero-waste by eliminating the use of plastic bottles, all while have a refreshing orange & grapefruit scent.  Our vegan solid block dish soap contains no detergents.  Complete your eco-friendly kitchen with one of these environmentally kind artisan solid block dish soaps!

Net Weight: 13oz (368.5g).

Non-GMO, and no sulfates, silicones, parabens, or phthalates.

This fantastic dish soap contains: coconut oil, water, saponified sodium hydroxide, essential oils, castor oil, citric acid and sugar.

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Customer Reviews

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This bar soap is awesome. It took me a little while to get used to it, and it's totally changed how I wash dishes. I lather up my washcloth, wash dishes, and when the bubbles fade, lather up again. I love it so much, I'm online to order another one, and figured I should write a review.


Thatƒ??s what everyone has said when Iƒ??ve given them this block of dish soap as a gift! Lots of converts to bar soap over the plastic bottle! It smells great, works great (especially with the bamboo sponge!) and is pretty. Iƒ??m giving several gift boxes this Christmas. Love this product!


Holy heck, is this an awesome way to clean dishes and the like. Fantastic bubbles, a wonderfully clean scent and it lasts and lasts. Iƒ??m totally impressed and I donƒ??t ever see myself going back to liquid dish soap. Love it!