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Our Ingredients

Every soap that we hand make is plant-based.  We work with lye to create our soaps and we super fat each soap, allowing the lye to be fully incorporated into the chemical process that is soap making.  This means no lye remains, but additional nourishing oils linger so that your skin can absorb them and derive their benefits.

We only use essential oils, steam-distilled and plant-based, to scent our products.  We do not incorporate fragrance oils, as they are man-made and often contain chemicals and we strive to be as natural as possible.

Our products do NOT leave you squeaky clean.  And, that's a good thing.  Our products leave your skin kissed with conditioning oils, allowing your skin to feel hydrated and calmed.  Refreshed.  Clean.  We care about being as kind to your skin as possible and we are proud of our luxury products. 

Gentle. Wholesome. Luxurious.

We wouldn't want it any other way.

The Properties Of Our Ingredients:
Olive Oil:  Containing Vitamin E, olive oil is a moisturizing oil that has been used in soap for its wonderful properties for centuries.
Shea Butter:  Shea butter is a wonderful moisturizer for the skin, and is considered a luxury oil.
Coconut Oil:  Acts as a cleansing agent and produces copious amounts of big bubbles.
Avocado Oil:  Provides a creamy moisturizing aspect as a luxury oil.
RSPO Palm Oil:  High in carotene, RSPO palm oil adds to the hardness of the bar while acting as a secondary lathering agent.  RSPO is the Rountable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Castor Oil:  Adds bubbles and creaminess, while moisturizing as well.

Cocoa Butter:  High in fatty acids, cocoa butter can help hydrate and nourish the skin, improving elasticity.

Coconut Milk:  High in Vitamin C, which helps maintain elasticity and flexibility of the skin.

Buttermilk:  Contains fatty acids, which work as a moisturizer and exfoliant.

Vitamin E:  An antioxidant, Vitamin E helps to fight free radicals.